Destination: Jacksonville – Florida

Hello once again beautiful earthlings! It is time to leave our beautiful Cuba and the Caribbean back and travel north this time, to Jacksonville, located in the very north of Florida. A not-so-famous destination for vacation (not at all actually), I was very interested in seeing what it has to offer though! In this blog I am going to go with a new approach, the bullet/number points approach, since you did a lot of reading in my latest posts.

  1. It’s mostly a university-town (and really for those interested, yap I did see the Nascar race stadium hehe)
  2. It is a very calm city, no tourists are there and this makes it an interesting destination to experience the American and local reality.
  3. Stay at an airbnb, this way you will experience it at its best. Our hosts were awesome and we spent a lot of time hanging out with their pets (Mazi, if you ever read this, thanks again!)
  4. There is a very cool and hipster-ish kind of district called 5-points, you need to visit! But avoid going on Sunday since most of the shops and places are closed.
  5. You are going to need a car. America is huge, and the city too. Since it is a “local” and not touristy area, public transportation is not a standard and is not very helpful. If you are under 25 however, you are asked to pay a daily fee which is about 17$ per day (ouch..maybe wait till you turn 25? haha)
  6. Stroll by the riverside, the view is great and very relaxing.
  7. Go to the memorial park, there is one of the most beautiful monuments for the fallen of World War II.
  8. You can take a day-trip with your rented car to Daytona beach and enjoy the day there and the very famous beaches of Daytona.
  9. Stroll through Riverside Park and enjoy seeing squirrels everywhere. No seriously, EVERYWHERE. (this little things can run FAST).
  10. For my Greek friends…there is DUNKIN DONUTS. You’re welcome. (We used to have them in Greece, but they closed down about 10 years ago and the ones who knew about it and were casual visitors, including myself, still whine about the fact that they left us *tear runs down*)

Let me know if you prefer this way of posting more than the previous ones and I’ll consider considering your opinion. (joking) (or am I? haha)

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Destination: Havana-Cuba (part II)

Hello once again, still in Havana this time and we are about to continue the adventure over here in the Caribbean. So after you have figured out where you are going to stay (casas particular, we’ve already agreed in that) it’s time to see the city. (if you don’t know what casas particular are, you need to go to part I of the blog post my friend, and to make your life easier, I’m posting it here)

What you can do for a start and during the day since it is too hot and sunny to walk outside, is to get a sightseeing bus. It costs 10$ and takes around all of Havana. While you are at it, mark down the monuments and places that seem interesting to you and then return to them on foot. What we did one of the days, is we walked all the way from new Havana to Havana Vieja. It is quite a long way to go, but it is the real way to experience it at its fullest because if you take a taxi, it will only drive you through the main motorway and you will not see much.

By walking, we went through the blocks and districts of Havana and returned from the sea-side motorway which has an amazing view during sunset and locals gather there at night to hang out, fish or play domino (the national game of Cuba, it’s literally everywhere and you see random tables with chairs on the streets throughout the day where locals sit and play for hours). While walking to Havana Vieja, we stumbled upon a Greek restaurant but unfortunately the Greek (as we were informed) owner was not there to chat with him.

Before going to Cuba, we bought colorful pens and pencil because Cuban children love them and since Cuba is only importing limited things from only Communist countries (besides the fact that people are living in poverty) they do not have such luxuries to buy there. Walking through the neighborhoods we saw a lot of children playing in the streets or at their houses (which are on the street level and you can see them or chat with them easily) so we gave them the pens and pencils and the excitement on their faces was priceless.

A lot of interesting and modern art can be found mainly in Havana Vieja, but Havana in general is an art hub. Don’t forget to pack a lot of water with you though, because you are going to need tones of it because of the heat and humidity combined and because it is not easy to find it and buy as weird as it may sound. Of course do not consume tap water from anywhere because chances have it your stomach will get sick since you are not used to the local bacteria (bacterianos cubanos aye aye aye they dance salsa when they enter your body).

Of course, this is a tropical climate we are talking about, so despite being prepared for the heat, you also need to be prepared for the tropical rain which is savage and it appears out of nowhere (interesting way to cool off a bit I suppose). So take one of your days, a map and walk all the way from New Havana to Havana Vieja. Do not make other plans for that day because you will be tired afterwards and you will need a lot of time on this activity anyway, but the things you will see are not all in tourist guides. Chat with some locals on your way there, they are always friendly and keen for a talk! (if you know spanish it would help a lot)

Check the pics! Until next time… Hasta la vista baby!

P.S.: Can you spot which pictures are from New Havana and which from the Old?? (tip from the first part of the blog: the Old one is the one that is better maintained..)

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Destination: Havana-Cuba (part 1)

Tick’s travel time o’clock! (this could be the introduction to my TV morning show). After asking you people what you want our next destination to be, the choice has been made. We are off to Havana today, so get your cameras, swimsuits and sandals and prepare for take off. (how awesome would it be if I actually meant that and we were all transferred to Cuba as we are reading this, right? Promise to make that happen too, once I discover the secret to teleportation and magic).

To begin with, Havana city is split in 2, the Havana Vieja (old Havana) and the new Havana. Weird enough, the one that is better maintained and very well taken care of, is the Havana Vieja, because the government but also the tourists invest all their money there, so the buildings are renovated and there are a lot of hotels. Being that that area is more famous with hotels, most tourists stay there, or in Vedado, a district located west from the new Havana, and basically the most expensive part of the city.

The Hotel Nacional de Cuba is there, the biggest, most expensive and most luxurious hotel of Havana, with art deco details from the 1930’s which was opened during that period by Americans and at the time no Cubans were allowed to stay there (HOW ironic seriously though). Then the italian mafia mastermind, Al Capone, turned it into a casino and it served as the biggest money laundering spot of the period. Entering the hotel, it is honestly like entering another reality. Everything is very luxurious and expensive-looking. You only see tourists and Cuban people are only workers there. What would be ideal in my opinion, if you can afford it that is, is to spend a couple of nights there and the rest in the center with Cubans, that would be the ideal way to understand and experience the diversity and Cuban reality.

It’s very surprising how much money people pay to visit and accommodate in Cuba when it is actually so cheap. Poor life choices my friends. The key is not to go with an organized tour, there is honestly no point in that. Those tours take you to hotels like El Nacional or others in Havana Vieja where you do not really experience the Cuban life and culture. Better, book the so called “casas particular”, the Cuban version of “airbnb” where locals rent rooms of their houses to tourists.

They also make breakfast, lunch and dinner, for which they will always ask you if you want them to prepare it the day before, since they have to go to the market and buy the ingredients because in Cuba, everything is FRESH. We would always eat at “home” and would pay 7$ per person for: a plate of salad (each), a plate of sides like rice, and banana chips (yes that’s a thing, and it is very tasty! Apparently they have so many bananas there they keep inventing new ways to consume them), drinks of our choice and a massive fresh fish (check pics to realize what I’m talking about).

Besides all that, the people are so friendly and helpful, they give you tips and get as close to the culture as possible. During breakfast or dinner sometimes they would join us on the table and we would have discussions about the Cuban reality and routine which was a big eye-opener and things that you are not going to find in any tour guide. Our host even gave us a cuban souvenir on the day we were leaving the country, a gesture that was authentic and very touching, mostly because these people make so little money, that I could not believe she actually spent some of it for us.

Imagine that the highest salary is approximately 25$ per month, and that is the salary doctors get because they are some of the best doctors in the world and are considered the elite. There is actually an agreement between Cuba and Canada, in which Canada gives oil to Cuba in exchange for doctors (impressive right?).

So because I don’t want to make you dizzy with too much information, or make this a 213942779843 words essay (because there is seriously so much to tell you about Cuba), I decided to split it in 2 parts. Therefore, take your time to grasp the information provided already and check out the pics related with our first part!

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Destination: Istanbul – Turkey

Goodmorning, goodafternoon and goodnight beautiful creatures depending on where you are located on the globe while reading this. Personally, I am located at the GMT+2 time zone and currently sitting on a very uncomfortable chair, so it’s goodafternoon for me and lunch time approaching soon (excited). Decided to check out the wordpress application this time and create my very first blog post solely created on my smartphone..looks interesting I guess (also I’m hoping that our travel time will help me zone out from the uncomfortable chair).

So let’s fly a bit more east this time, to the famous and big fashion and food hub of Istanbul. A huge city with 14.8 million people, which from above looks like buildings are built on top of each other, creating a magical view in combination with all the muslim temples around the city and the Bosphorus sea hugging the city (woke up in a poetic mood today).

But despite the typical walk in the Taxim square and Kapali Carsi (Grand Bazaar) and the rest of the sightseeing in this unique city, what you can do for a change is go to the Asian side of the city. (Geography moment: Istanbul is located half on the European land and half on the Asian one, split by Bosphorus in between..2 continents in one city, how cool).

Two ways to do that: 1) take the ferry that gets you to the city’s Asian side, the cost is very little and takes approximately 20 mins (and it’s also the fastest way).

2) you can take on-land means of transportation like taxi or bus, but you will regret your poor life choices during the first 5 minutes, since traffic in Istanbul is like nowhere else in the world (first time I visited, it took our bus approximately 2 hours from the airport to the city, 30 minutes of which were to get from the one corner of a block, to the other where our hotel was).

3) for the athletic and adventurous of you out there, you can actually walk it through one of the bridges. What I would recommend is actually take the ferry so you get there fast and have time to stroll around, and then return on foot during sunset time (amazing pictures material and breathtaking view).

So what’s on the other side? (First of all you can send snapchats to your friends singing “hello from the other side” HAH you liked it admit it). Furthermore, there is a whole new world over there (Alladin pun, come on, follow me). The difference between the european and the asian side is tremendous. The streets are larger and the houses look more expensive and very well maintained.

There is also a large street where all the luxurious brands have their boutiques. The scenery is very contradicting compared to what you’ll see at the other side and it depicts the big diversity that exists in general in Turkey.

Check out the pictures to get the idea!

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Destination: Rome – Italy

Apparently the effects of the big caffeine dose I consumed yesterday are still affecting me, and besides the minimal amount of sleep I’ve gotten these days, I somehow have quite some energy keeping my eyes open. What’s best than to go through some old photos then? So I did, and this brought me here, writing a second blog for today (hopefully I’ll sleep soon and won’t go to a third one..but who knows with me).

So, for the second travel time of the day, our destination is Rome (changing continents once again you see?), the place where I spent 5 months as a student during 2016 and had been before that another 2 times as a tourist. Looking back at the photos from my time there made me nostalgic and decided to share with you its hidden details. More specifically, I’ll tell you where to experience something sacred for Italians (and for all of us I believe, despite nationality).. THE GELATO (hallelujah sound playing on the background).

Well, you definitely know that when you visit Italy you have to try the infamous gelato. And of usually you’re going to either google the best places to have it, or just get it from the first place you see it being sold *BEEEP* wrong approach mate. You may now call me your fairy god-mother, as I will introduce you to a not so famous gelato place, but has the best gelato ever. Been there tried that (more than tried actually..probably something like stuffed-my-face-with-it-more-than-20-times..but yeah..I can say it was for research!).

It is not in one of the most touristic points of Rome therefore it is not included in those tourist guides you’re going to google. It’s in one of Trastevere’s cute streets, but further inside the area and not where the big central streets are, so it’s quite hidden (a hidden detail..see what I did there?). The whole fuzz is about Gelateria Regusto. The place where I spent a big part of my budget during my study abroad in Rome and did not regret a cent of it, rather looking forward to the next time I’ll give them my money.

One of my favorite Italian sweets is tiramisu, so every time I got gelato, that was the one I chose. The first time I tried it, heaven met my mouth and since then I was in a very happy and committed relationship with it. Daily.

I took my friends there too because I was just way too excited (plus I never like walking around alone, so I would always persuade my roommates or friends from the building above, to walk with me to feed my late night cravings) and they loved it as well. Their favorite flavors included the Peanut Butter (perfect for all you Americans missing that part of home), Cookies, Coffee and Nutella.
The place is very very small, but has a quite big variety of flavors which are fresh and renewed every day (trust me, I did actually go every day and saw that for myself). Another thing I love about the place, is the price. The small cup or cone is 2 euros, and they seriously stuff it with all the gelato it can handle, it sometimes makes me stressed about eating it on time before it melts (good thing I was there during the winter months).
My favorite part? Whatever you choose, either the cup or the cone, they will put a mini-cone on top of it. Made of real cookie and tasted delicious (having a mouthwatering moment over here). Then you can get the medium size for 3 euros (I tried it once and I think it filled my stomach enough to stay full for a week) and then the large one for 4 (which I haven’t tried, but considering the other ones I guess it is probably going to be family size..or ideal for heart breaks).

Where you can find it: Piazza San Giovanni della Malva, 9, Trastevere,
Open daily from 11am until 2am (told you it satisfies your night cravings!)

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Destination: Cancún – Mexico

Another week is here, another spam with “Monday-Again” memes, videos, gifs, snapchat posts and anything else existing on social media lately, overwhelmed my news’ stories. Everywhere. But I’m not here to become your mood consultant and tell you to take a holistic and more positive approach with your life and all those other yogi stuff. I am here to take you on a trip, from your chair while you’re thinking of posting another “can-I-go-home-now-please” post. And while we are traveling, listen to this song because it is once again stuck on my head, and I believe it’ll give you an interesting background while you’re reading my awesome post:

Today our travel time takes us to Cancún, in the state of Quintana Roo and we will also pass by the state of Yucatan in Mexico (because yes, Mexico actually has states, and I had no idea about it before I traveled there). I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of Cancún, if not already been there. But what we have all heard and mostly seen about Cancún is its party-life all year round and especially during the American Spring break. Well..sorry to break the news, but that is not Cancún. That is a small part of land surrounded by water but also connected to the mainland at some points, belonging to the city of Cancún, which is basically 100% Americanized and turned into a small Las Vegas-like full of resorts and clubs.

Nothing Mexican there, yes it’s pretty, yes it’s fun, but in my humble opinion, not worth paying triple the amount of money you would pay if you stayed in the actual Cancún know, the Mexican one? With the real tacos? And fish tacos? And a proper amount of food that will get you full for 3$? Yes that one. (Since we are talking about tacos here..Taco Bell is not real traditional Mexican tacos..just putting it out there…)

You might also be surprised if I tell you that I went to Cancún and did not get black-out drunk or party like there is no tomorrow, not a single day..(you’re thinking: party pooper) meh not really, there were so many things to do, that by the end of the day the exhaustion was so real there was no room for crazy partying. So once you’ve stayed at the center of Cancún (our hotel was SO COOL! Themed in Mayan atmosphere, so many snapchats were taken following obviously), you can go to the resorts’ part for a day to visit the beach which is out of this world. Turquoise (woah I wrote it correctly with the first try, so proud) waters and if you’re lucky you might even encounter baby turtles! (we weren’t, but saw the spots where the eggs were laying under the sand).

Then while you’re downtown, eat at “Pescaditos”. We walked in there the first day because it was nearby our hotel and we were starving, so didn’t have the powers to search much for food..and we ended up going every day. Fish tacos..nachos offered as an crab tacos..ok I’m going to stop here because I can hear my hungry stomach whining. Cheap, good quality and we also met the owner who has some Greek friends and knew about moussaka and saganaki haha. PESCADITOS don’t forget, GO. yum.

Now, if you are to go all the way to Cancún, you might as well spend some time learning about some culture and history and you know play smart to your friends when you’re back, because why not. So from Quintana Roo (the state, we said it before, focus), you go by bus to Yucatan (another to Quintana Roo, you’ll be geographically literate after this blog post), where Chichen Itza is (not chicken, chicHen). That’s a 1000 year old Mayan center, where one of the biggest Mayan temples is. It was breathtaking and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

The heat was exhausting so make sure you wear light clothing and have plenty of water with you. The history and things you learn about Mayans are mind-blowing (nerds unite). After that, I do not think you will ever associate Mexico with just partying again. There is so so so much more to it, and after experiencing it, I feel that it is really a shame that it has been basically connected with drunk youngsters. Fun fact, Mexico is actually pronounced “Mésheeco”..whaaat. Check out the pics from that awesome trip to find out about more facts!

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Destination: Miami – Florida

I am planning to make this travel time a visual-based post, because “pictures are worth a thousand words” (or because it’s 2.30 a.m. on a Saturday, and I have 2 projects due this week and my inspiration is dead and my fingers are tired of reaching word limits and I am a great procrastinator choosing to work on my blog instead of projects) Wait did I actually write that? To my professors reading this post: it was my dog typing those absurd things, clearly not me.

AAAnyway, thanks for writing the introduction for me dog, I shall continue now… This post is taking you to Miami (duh you read the title). Flying back and forth from continent to continent just to make things interesting. Miami..that interesting piece of land. That extremely-unreasonably-i wonder WHY-overpriced piece of land (excuse my tiny rage, I had coffee today).

Besides going to Miami beach/South beach or call it however you like, and spending a day tanning and drinking Starbucks or eating lunch for the price of gold, you can actually do more things. While in Miami I spent approximately 15 hours wandering around the city, most of which was on foot. Yeah the pain was real but it was awesome because it gave me the chance to experience the diverse environment and neighborhoods of this city.

First of all, my all-time favorite district in the U.S.A. is officially Wynwood district. A district full of mainly one-story buildings on which graffiti artists from all over the world make marvelous pieces of art. Check the pics below and you’ll see what I mean! The art in this district is literally EVERYWHERE, since you find stuff on the pavement, on lamp poles and in every corner you turn.

Secondly, as we were walking through Miami downtown, we saw a mall-looking complex called “Bayside Marketplace”, went in, checked out the shops, mostly touristic ones.

But, 1) they had guarapo, my all time favorite drink! (check the post about Trinidad if you haven’t done so already, in order to find out what it is: Click hereee! ). It was obviously too expensive compared to Cuba, as I had to pay 6$ to get it #ripoff.

They serve it without lime, and lime is its main when I asked the guy working there if he could add some lime, he was very nice and polite and said of course. While he was putting the lime though, his very rude boss stepped in and started a rant about how he should charge me 1 extra dollar if he is going to squeeze that lime. The guy refused to do so and his boss continued yelling that he would take money out of his salary etc. and being very rude to him infront of customers.

Guy working at the guarapo place in Miami Bayside Marketplace, if you ever read this, You are awesome and I’ll come back to that place just for you! And tell your boss to come to Greece because he needs to learn some hospitality manners, and also that a squeeze of lime nowhere on earth costs 1$, but we will give him a bag full of limes, from the lime trees we have chilling freely on our pavements because we are cool!

2) When you go there, don’t just shop around or go to a restaurant. Go chill by the port where they have some amphitheater-style sits and at night there are usually bands playing music. Everybody dances, there are people of all ages, it’s very fun and it’s guess what?? FREE!! It was probably the highlight of Miami, I had an amazing time there just chilling, dancing and singing by the bay, totally recommend it.

And because I said I would not write much this time..time to stop. Enjoy the pics because they took a long time to upload and see you somewhere on the world!

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Destination: Napoli – Italy

Aaaand we are back (better late than never as all those cliché quotes say), this time  our travel time is shifting us to another continent, traveling all the way from the Caribbean, to Europe and more specifically to South Europe..and more specifically to Italy..and even more specifically to Napoli! (or “Naples” as the English-speaking colonies decided to name it…)

Small city, very close to Rome, awesome weekend getaway, 2-3 days enough? Well, nothing is ever enough with traveling (especially money..ugh) but from a technical point of view, yes, it is enough to see the basics and maybe a bit more than just the basics in this beautiful and picturesque city.

The city is so small but there are so many beautiful off-the-tourist-guide things to do/see, I don’t even know where to start from. Guess I’ll start from food because let’s be real..who does not appreciate food?

During my 3 days stay in Napoli, I was lucky enough to reconnect with a very old friend I met at a summer camp in 2008 when we were just 14 years old. Francesco, was an amazing host and spent the entire weekend showing me and my friend around, along with his super nice girl, Silvia. Besides having a great time with two awesome people, we also had the advantage to see Napoli with locals and learn things we wouldn’t,have we not had them with us.

So as I promised, food first. One word for that: “Nanninella”. Traditional Napolitan food, the best and funniest environment and guess what? No tourists, super local place because Napolitans know how to eat. You pay something like 10 euros and you EAT. For dessert there is fruit..and a great show comes along with it..the waiters have a thing for bananas apparently, and very unique way of peeling them off for you, infront of your face or even sitting on your lap..haha not kidding! Check the pictures! If you’re a diet freak, fear not my child and enjoy your carbs. You will laugh so much while there, that you will lose every calorie from the food!

Now something weird. Usually, when you visit Napoli for a weekend, or even for a day, you are not going to use the metro since the city is so small you can reach almost everything within walking distance. And frankly, I am always against using public transportation without view while traveling because I believe that you miss out on a lot, and it is always best to walk walk walk till your feet are burning and you want to cut them off..

BUT, this time, I want to tell you to TAKE THE METRO YOU MUST! Or at least go see the stations underground that are actual pieces of art. Line 1 of the Napolitan metro, has been renamed to “The Art Metro”. Stations like the “Toledo” station (which was my favorite), have been awarded in European competitions and are considered the most beautiful in Europe. When me and my friend walked out of the metro we literally had our mouths drop from the beauty around us. The stations in line 1 have both permanent and temporary exhibits, therefore it is always cool to visit them and it is basically like a free art museum walk. (Check the pictures from the Toledo station!)

Finally, I will return to everyone’s favorite, food. Because hey, it’s Napoli, and did you know? Pizza Margherita was born here! And while in the very center of the city, you can actually see the restaurant that made the first Margherita.

But let’s add something interesting to that, how did pizza Margherita start? Well, it’s all about a woman (like every story basically, know what I mean),specifically, all about the Queen Margherita of Savoy. A pizza-maker in Napoli (Raffaele Esposito, just in case you want to seem smart to your friends) decided to make a unique pizza, in order to honor the queen, thus he decided to put tomato, mozzarella and basil in order to represent the 3 colors of the Italian flag and name it after the queen. And that’s how the most famous kind of pizza currently currently eaten as hangover food left from last night, was born in around 1889. Impressive. (Don’t you dare visit Napoli and not have pizza there, on the land where pizza was born. It will probably be one of the biggest mistakes of your life. No pressure.)

That’s all folks! Don’t forget to take a taxi and ask them to take you to one of the view spots. From there you have an amazing view of the entire city and Mount Vesuvius, and it is a mandatory selfie spot! (or better ask some stranger to take your picture, like the good old days..)

Thanks for sticking around once again, hope you enjoyed!

Until next time..

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Destination: Trinidad – Cuba

Hello again amazing earthlings! It’s travel time!

Our first destination is Trinidad, located in the very south of Cuba (yeap super hot indeed) and a mucho (see what I did there?) typical destination for anyone who visits Cuba. Let me break the news to you though, -overrated. From the total of 12 days I got to spend in Cuba, it was the most touristic place and it was obvious in every corner. Also, it’s the wealthiest place in Cuba, which unfortunately doesn’t represent the Cuban reality.

It was a beautiful place of course, and I do not regret a moment that I decided to visit it, and I do suggest that everyone else visits the place as well, however, maximum 3 days is more than enough. The prices are twice or even triple and quadruple from other Cuban places, and all because it’s part of every tourist guide or program you are to come across.

Nevertheless! I am not here to tell you not to go places, quite the contrary actually, I am here to tell you to go EVERYWHERE! SO! When you do find your way there, except from taking 1000 selfies at the main square, take the time to enjoy some simple, pocket friendly, magnificent little things.

First of all, after you’ve spent your day doing whatever it is that you did, make sure that you have checked the time of the sunset and go on a rooftop to watch it. Cliché, BUT! Trinidad is famous for its rooftop views and most hotels/casas particular (the Cuban version of airbnb..short of), give you access to their rooftop which is usually decorated with chairs and comfy cushions. The view is breathtaking and unique, and especially during sunset it almost feels magical. If you’re a yogi fan like myself (I said fan. Doesn’t mean I casually practice it as well, but hey it’s a cool adjective to use), taking some time to do yoga or meditate up there is a great deal.

Secondly, I suggest you go on a horseback ride through the Trinidad desert and forest, where you end up at a place to “park” your horse and continue a 10-15 min hike through the trees in order to arrive to a magical oasis with cataracts in the middle of literally nowhere. Not for the princes & princesses that only like to move around in their limo, as it is quite tiring and the weather conditions don’t help, but it is honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had and a day you will never forget! (also, great photography material around). For the price of about 20-25 euros, you get to enjoy a full day of horseback riding, swimming, eating and drinking local food and guarapo (Check pictures for description) at a local farm with local (and REAL!) cowboys  (if you are talkative and curious enough to start talking with them, they will lose no time to try and impress you with their singing skills along with the guitar); a great exercise for your legs (sucks if you skip leg day) and you get an amazing tan afterwards (or burn for the sensitive-skinned ones out there).

Suffering from severe wanderlust at the moment. See you next week!

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Marian K.


Ready?? Travel time! Welcome to my personal blog “World’s Hidden Details”. Marian Konstantinidou speaking, and writing the very first post to introduce the idea behind this site.

As a lot may already know, it all started with my previous blog “Hidden Rome” which I wrote during my study abroad semester in Rome during 2016, and gave my personal insights on the city’s “behind the glamorous scenes” of the tourist guides. This is the expansion of it, and a new beginning (new year, new me kind of thing..but no 😛 ).

The blog will follow my future travels and will flashback on my already completed ones, in order to share with you interesting things I discovered in each place on my own, without the use of a travel guide. From hidden coffee shops, to beautiful corners, to a magnificent view, to any little detail you can imagine, which would make your trip a little more unique.

Other posts will include interesting facts about famous places. Like a not-so-famous “behind the scenes” view on the very marketed and talked about landmarks etc.

If you’re not planning on traveling to these places any time soon (or ever), fear-not my child! My purpose is not to make you travel places (even though that would be awesome, so if I do manage something like that, please let me know), but to take you on a trip through my writing, while you’re on your work’s desk or home’s couch, bored of scrolling on your news feed.

Furthermore, you are more than welcome to contact me through the “Contact” page (duh), and I will do my best to reply within this millennium. You can ask me questions about my latest posts or give me your input, and feedback is always welcome. Also, if you have a hidden detail about a place you would like to share, you can send it to me in order to post it and of course give you credit for it!

Last but not least, this is an amateur’s work, so be kind people. I know there is this germ on the internet that turns us into mean-monsters, but, no need for that over here, be kind and share the love (and my posts)!

That’s all for now, posts will be uploaded weekly.

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Marian K.